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Welcome to Macedonian Kitchen

Eating is part of every one of us. We all find different emotions in food; some pleasure, some dependence and others pure joy! I create food with love, and that is the secret ingredient for every meal that has a soul, and if you are reading this you probably know that 😉
Since I was a little girl, I wanted to cook. I remember saving magazine recipes and making them, ending with a mess in the kitchen 🙄 .I was interested in many cuisines and how the time passed, I learned a lot about our kitchen from my mother and grandmother.

Traditional Macedonian cuisine is a compound of Balkan and Mediterranean taste, contributed with a significant accent from the Turkish cuisine inherited due to Ottoman rule in Macedonia for more than 500 years.

Of the beverage aspect, we are most proud of our high-quality wines, not to forget Rakija with 40% ABV, which is traditional brandy often home-produced by the Macedonian Rakija lovers.We serve it mostly with Shopska salad or pickled vegetables (туршија).

Macedonian cuisine is abundant with vegetables, fruits, and herbs that growth condition is suitable for the climate.Therefore, our lunch is often a big pot of stews and soups full of veggies and herbs.

We also consume a lot of beans and lentils that are an important part of the Macedonian cuisine.For example, Macedonian beans in a skillet (тавче-гравче) is a must-have for the fastings or any other day served at the tables in the homes of the Macedonian housewives. When I say housewives, I mean women that mostly have a job, manage to get home and make lunch for their family.We are raised that way, always to have a homemade meal at our tables at least one time a day.So in my country, lunch is the most important meal of the day.Its the time when we gather and eat after work and spend time with our families.

This is just a brief introduction to our culture and tradition.I love our cuisine and warmly prefer it.That is why I will try my best to introduce to you our way of eating and creating food.

or as We say: На здравје!